GlenAnthony Simmental Genetic Trends

GlenAnthony does not select sires on EBV's. Yet, over the last fifteen years the average EBV's for weight-related traits in our herd 0299 have in fact increased at a much faster rate and to a much higher level that the overall Simmental breed average. See the accompanying graphs ex Trans Tasman Group Breed Plan Herd Report 2011.

Further it is of note that the marked increase in herd 0299 averages in 2006 coincides with the arrival of the first Monreid Yardstick calves.

Moral of the story? If you simply select damn good cattle to breed from, EBV's take care of themselves!

Herd 0299 - Comparison to Breed Genetic Trends
200 day growth - click for larger image 400 day weight - click for larger image
600 day weight - click for larger image Mature cow weight - click for larger image
All weight traits for GlenAnthony herd 0299 - click for enlarged image

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